Key parameters of turbocharger


① Pressure ratio π

Refers to the ratio of compressor outlet pressure to compressor inlet pressure.

π=P after pressing/P before pressing

Absolute pressure at the outlet of the air compressor after pressure P (kPa)

Absolute pressure at the inlet of the air compressor before pressure P (kPa)


② Intake air flow

Refers to the weight of gas flowing through the compressor per unit time. The unit is kg/s (kg/h during bench test).


③ Total efficiency of supercharger

The total efficiency of a supercharger refers to the ratio of output energy to input energy of the supercharger. Is the product of compressor efficiency, turbine efficiency, and mechanical efficiency.


④ Trim value

The Trim value is the ratio of the square of the inlet diameter and the square of the outlet diameter of the compressor impeller, multiplied by 100. The turbine Trim value is multiplied by 100 by comparing the square of the exhaust port diameter and the square of the intake port diameter.


⑤ A/R value

The A/R value is an important performance parameter for turbines and compressors. R (Radius) is the distance from the center of the turbine shaft to the center of gravity of the cross-section of the turbine inlet (or compressor outlet). A (Area) refers to the cross-sectional area of the turbine inlet (or compressor outlet) corresponding to the above center of gravity point. The ratio obtained by dividing A by R and then dividing by 25.4 is the A/R value.


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