What are some misunderstandings about the use of automotive turbochargers


Do you know what turbocharging is? What does a car turbocharger do? In fact, automobile turbochargers are actually an air compressor. Dongfang turbochargers increase the intake of air by compressing air, which has a good maintenance effect for the car. Do you know what is wrong with using automobile turbochargers?


Myth 1: Turn off the engine immediately at the destination

After the engine has been running at high load for a long time, the owner must idle for a few minutes before shutting down the engine to allow the turbocharger accessories to effectively cool and be lubricated. The behavior of turning off the vehicle immediately can cause the vehicle to frequently idle at high speed, and its problems, like sudden acceleration, can harm the vehicle's bearings.


Myth 2: Blow the accelerator as soon as you start it

Being able to increase speed in a short period of time is a major feature of turbocharged vehicles, but this does not mean that owners can be rude to their loved ones. In fact, slamming the accelerator just after starting can easily damage the turbocharger oil seal. The speed of the turbocharged engine is very high, after starting the vehicle. "You cannot press the accelerator pedal quickly. You should first idle for 3-5 minutes to allow sufficient time for the oil pump to deliver oil to various parts of the turbocharger. At the same time, the oil temperature slowly rises, and the fluidity is better. At this time, the speed increase will be"like a fish in water".

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